Welcome Holger Köther to the IOTA Foundation

David Sønstebø: Holger Köther is a global Senior Director, Program Manager and IT enthusiast, who has worked over the last 17 years at the multinational corporate IT organizations Siemens and Atos.

Since childhood, he always has had a keen interest in hardware, software and programming. Developing his IT skills and knowledge through autodidact learning, Holger became more and more thrilled by the countless possibilities which new technology could offer — and the disruptive change it would bring with it.

After starting in IT consulting and project management, Holger’s responsibilities greatly increased over the years providing him with the experience of working in high pressure environments for several of Atos leading Managers and Executives.

Holger has extensive know-how in project-, program- and people management and has managed Atos-owned software products and global IT services to improve monitoring, application performance and business service management. His responsibilities ranged from design and development, to customers’ deployment and operations by ITIL standards. He managed teams of experts in Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and India.

Between his daily challenges, Holger was recruited into different handpicked task forces to strengthen Atos relationships with key customers in Germany, the UK, Spain and the US. Most recently, he worked as Lead Architect and CTO streamlining the strategic partnership between Atos and Telefonica.

Holger completed several prestigious management and leaderships trainings and holds a degree of Business Administration from the Steinbeis University Berlin.

On joining IOTA

Learning about IOTA, I was deeply impressed by the foundation´s ambitions and the founder’s perspicacious approach — not only seeing a few but a great length of steps ahead, in order to tackle the technological and environmental challenges of the upcoming decades. IOTA’s doctrine is among the leaps of technology we see only once every few years and from which tomorrow’s industries will benefit on a whole new level. I am proud and excited to be part of that journey.

The Foundation is very happy to have Holger and his extraordinary breadth of experience on board. After decades in leading international positions he is the ideal person to lead the IOTA Foundation’s partnership relations. He will oversee and lead our continued growth with partners and ensure that the IOTA projects grow from PoCs to fully fledged applications that are adopted in the different industries IOTA is present in at the moment and in the future. Give him a warm welcome!

Source: https://blog.iota.org/welcome-holger-k%C3%B6ther-to-the-iota-foundation-72c2eba8c41a