Vision: IOTA in 10 years

The Twitter survey has shown that the vast majority (over 60 %) has opted for the new research topic: „Vision: IOTA in 10 years“. Thank you for your voting. We will gladly accept that. In the next few days we will try to contact the IOTA founders, futurologists, IOTA skeptics, bankers and entrepreneurs for example, so that they can also present their visions. So we will try a good research on this topic.

In addition, we would like to ask you for something: We would be pleased if those of you, who have graphic ideas about the future of IOTA or the future of IOTA applications, sent us a picture as png, jepg for example. A selection of these pictures will then also be published with the research topic „Vision: IOTA in 10 years“. It is important that you have created the pictures by yourself and no copyright infringes. The pictures will be published with your name. Of course, you keep the image rights.

Thank you in advance for your help. Please send the pictures or graphics until the 8th of June to