The IOTA Ecosystem is a huge milestone towards global standar

The launch of the website of the IOTA Ecosystem was made on May 1st. Currently, it is in the phase in which the system is filled with life. To achieve this, interested parties can register there and register their projects. In June, the entire ecosystem should start properly.

The IOTA Ecosystem is a huge milestone towards IOTA’s global standard, with a wide variety of activists sharing and learning from each other.

In addition, the fund will support projects that might otherwise never be realized or more difficult, thus laying the foundation for many new IOTA initiatives in global contests. I would like to congratulate the IOTA Foundation for this wonderful system. The idea and the IOTA revolution are advanced in this way.


Register your interesting IOTA project in the Ecosystem. Furthermore, I would like to suggest to all IOTA supporters and people who would like to realize interested IOTA projects, to sign up there and also to deposit interesting project there: The IOTA Foundatation is looking on the projects to make sure they aren’t non-sense. They just want to ensure some level of quality control to be published on site. They said that soon they will figure out a proper community quality control using the Tangle. You can benefit in three ways:

  • your project is becoming better known
  • You get an optimal exchange with like-minded people
  • You have the option to receive financial support for your project when it is selected.