IOTA is not only a cryptocurrency but also a tangle that can get a variety of applications as a data carrier. This results in further possibilities that can be of benefit to IOTA owners. We will present the possibilities in this section. The possibilities that arise with Qubic in the next few years could be far higher than expectations.

Revenue from Tangle

  • Big Data, IOTA and revenues from the processing of data

    We do not know it since yesterday: “Data is the oil of the 21st century” Big Data is commonly understood to mean both the data itself and its properties and all the technologies for analysis. Basically, the term is nothing more than the systematic promotion of the new “raw material” using state of the art […]

  • TipIOTA: a new way to earn money online

    Tipiota has released an exceptional tool. We report about it and also speak to the founder. What is TipIOTA? The Internet is full of great content but unfortunately most of its creators never get a dime for it. TipIOTA aims to break this limitation and empowers creators across all social media platforms to earn money for […]

Revenue in the environment of IOTA

Deposy is a deposit system with an innovative approach to waste management. Cutting-edge technology enables a better protection of our climate and environment. Deposy is a system with a positive social impact in communities as well as in global use.

The population gets a financial incentive for collecting, sorting and distributing plastic waste. More is paid back than has been paid as a deposit. More informations