We will discuss certain issues raised more intensively and gather facts. We want to penetrate very deeply into the respective matter. Primary objectives of our research are documentation, discovery and interpretation as well as research and development of methods for promoting IOTA Applications. Here, we will also discuss topics such as digitalization, big data, industry 4.0 and cryptocurrencies in detail. Many people are worried about the effects of these issues.


  • A simple explanation of the IOTA Coordicide

    In the last few days a lot has been said and speculated about Coordicide. Maybe not every person knows exactly what the Coordinator and the Coordicide is and what kind of implications arise. We want to provide education with this little essay. Source: In order to protect the Tangle in its early phase attacks, IOTA […]

  • IOTA and Smart Cities

    In this part, we will continue our journey into the future with the Smart Cities. Click here for the research article. In particular, we will discuss the role that IOTA can play in this. public IOTA contacts experts for the respective topics in order to carry out a basic research. We are particularly pleased that we […]

IOTA Review 2018

Take a look at our annual overview of our channel.

IOTA Researcher February 2019

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