MIOTA Price Trend of January 2019

We have now released our MIOTA Price Trend of January. This price trend is based on the outlook of analysts who were asked about their mid-term assessment of the MIOTA price. So these data do not reflect our opinion, but are based exclusively on expert opinions. We will publish this trend monthly.

Shown is the historical MIOTA price of one year. Furthermore, the analysts‘ price forecasts are presented as an average, as a so-called „public IOTA: MIOTA Price Trend“. In addition, the highest and lowest analysts‘ forecasts are reported.

The experts are only partially in agreement on the short-term development. Some believe that things are going up steadily and others are seeing $ 0.15 . Whatever the short term, the experts see a medium-term uptrend. But the experts continue to be very cautious about the price development of IOTA. A slight increase in prices is expected over the next few months.

This should not be a purchase or sale recommendation. Please keep in mind that cryptocurrency trading is highly speculative and involves a very high risk of loss!!!