Interview with Gabriela Jara, IEN member from Argentina and IOTA Hispano writer

About IOTA Hispano, IOTA Evangelist Network and future visions

All over the world there are regional groups of IOTA supporters. So of course also in South America. Here is a group called IOTA Hispano . One member of this group is Gabriela Jara. publicIOTA had the opportunity to interview her.

publicIOTA: Gabriela, first of all many thanks for your willingness to have an interview with us. We hope you are fine. Gabriela, can you tell us something about you and your education?

Gabriela Jara: Well, I was born at a southern province of Argentina, Santa Cruz. I´m the oldest of three sisters. I have been studying English since I was in elementary school and also took some piano classes. I graduated from High School and took a sabbatic year, then I begun to study a technical degree on Safety and Hygiene at workplace. Later on, I moved to Bariloche, where I started a family and had two boys. Once settled, I studied pharmacy and Sign Language.
I like the social work, I like to think that we can all do things for the sake of others, even if they are small actions. I can say my hobbies are reading and also I’m constantly searching for ways to give the next generation a better future.
Currently I’m working as a Sign Language Teacher, I write for IOTA Hispano and make interviews. Recently started a project called Tangle Patagonia, as a contact platform that allows me to give talks and organize events regarding IOTA. I want to be part of this change of mind that is being generated worldwide, where technology is getting more and more into our lives to improve it. I think IOTA is going to improve every aspect of our daily lives and it is necessary for people to know what IOTA, Tangle and the Internet of things is all about.

publicIOTA: How did you hear about IOTA?

Gabriela Jara: The first crypto I found out about was Bitcoin in 2013, I was curious about it but dismissed the idea because I was told BTC was related to drug dealers and guns. At the beginning of last year, a friend from Mexico told me she was buying BTC so my interest resurfaced. I joined a Facebook group and opened an Exchange account at the same time I was learning about it. At August of last year I read a post talking about IOTA, the first thing that caught my attention was that it had no fees. I remember thinking I had to investigate more about this coin because I wasn’t a fan of paying so much fees with BTC. The more I read about IOTA the more I liked it.

I think in order to make a revolution happen, we first have to change our mind and look beyond our noses. The first thing that caught my attention when I first read about Cryptos was that they will allow us to make transactions without the dependence of Banks or a centralized organism, and that if we want to send money to another country, even if this country is at the other side of the world, we would’t have to wait long times or pay high rates for the transaction to reach its destination.

IOTA has shown me and continues to do so, improved aspects that other currencies could not solve. Open source, faster confirmations, zero fees, and Quantum Computing Proof, was developed for the Internet of Things because of its characteristics, and can be applied by Smart mobility, Health, Industries, Agro and much more. The benefits of implementing IOTA are wide. One of the things I like the most is that has no miners, the transactions can be confirmed by two other neighbours and it has no cost for our environment or an additional cost in the transaction

publicIOTA: You are writing for IOTA Hispano and a member of IOTA Evangelist Network. How did it come about and what are your goals?

Gabriela Jara: One day I read a post in Facebook of Daniel De Michele (Carpincho Dem) that went something like „I think I want to create a web page with the news about IOTA in Spanish, who wants to help translating the articles?“. I started to think about it and a couple of days later joined the team.
IOTA Hispano started as a project for the people in Latam that wanted to find IOTA news in Spanish, we were the first page doing this. Early this year, Carpincho came up with the idea of making interviews to people around the IOTA Ecosystem (besides of being the founder of IOTA Hispano, he is also the ideas guy behind all the work). That was a huge change for us, Carpincho decided to publish the interviews in English and Spanish simultaneously. After that, IOTA Hispano began to be read not only in Latin America, but also by the iota community from all around the world. Now we are a staff of 7 members writing and working on interviews with people of the IOTA Foundation, IEN members, developers, partners of IOTA, and more. The goal is to help people learn about this great project that is IOTA .

Again, in the middle of the story of becoming an IEN member appears my friend and colleague Daniel De Michele, He is a great enabler who is always encouraging us to go for more. I assume he saw my enthusiasm and my love for IOTA and the Economy of Things, and told me I needed to go for it. So I postulated. IEN made me two interviews (I was very nervous!) and after a few hours Jay Morton told me I was in. This was on the same day Daniel made Kevin Chen (Founder and Head of the IOTA Evangelistic Network) an interview. I was so delighted, I’ll never forget that date.

publicIOTA: What are you and IOTA Hispano doing to achieve your goals?

Gabriela Jara: We are working on spreading the word about IOTA, that’s our primary goal. This is the reason why we are reaching out to those involved in the IOTA ecosystem. To make their work known by more people. Also we are using meetups as a tool to meet people interested in this protocol. On the 25th of July we will have another one in Buenos Aires and and we will have the pleasure of having Sergei Popov as one of the main speakers. Soon we will give more details of it.
Here in Bariloche I’m working with my project Tangle Patagonia, advising a couple of people how to implement IOTA in their projects and showing them the benefits of working with the IOTA/Tangle.

publicIOTA: Where do you see the great strengths of IOTA, what will bring IOTA for the future?

Gabriela Jara: I think IOTA has managed to work on every aspect that other cryptos lack off. Other cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum were the pioneers, they were the ones that opened the road for IOTA but if they can’t manage to do the improvements they need to, they will only be remember as that, the pioneers. Every day I have the privilege and the opportunity to see so many real use cases. Look up for Daniel Trauth, working with IOTA applied to machinery and fineblanking. The goal of this PoC is to extract production data of fineblanked components from the machine control in real time, store them encrypted in the tangle and retrieve them via a web-based frontend. Green Protocol (Darren Olsen) making crazy things to his own house like someone watering his plants remotely while he is on vacations and will pay whoever do the job with IOTA , BiiLabs working with Taipei to build a smart city and there are so much. IOTA will bring great improvements there is so much areas where IOTA can be used to generate value and benefits for humans that will help us tackle big problems from education to medical care, from reducing hunger to creating Smart Cities and many more that we cannot imagine yet. In a few years we all can be enjoying the benefits of this technology, so why don’t start from now .

publicIOTA: At the end a private question, do you like soccer and the World Cup? Who will be world champion in your view?

Gabriela Jara: I like soccer but now that Argentina is no longer playing, watching the games is not as fun as it used to when we were still there. Since we lost against France, I think I will cheer up for Belgium!