IOTA expands industrial partnerships …

This article describes the current major industrial partnerships of IOTA. Particularly noteworthy in this context are the partnerships with Bosch, Volkswagen and Fujitsu. It was a true IOTA festival this year where the partnerships and cooperations were demonstrated at various fairs and events.

Bosch a global partner

First of all, it was the Bosch Connected World 2018, in which Dominik Schiener introduced IOTA to a large specialist audience. The advantages of IOTA were demonstrated here and the cooperation between Bosch and IOTA was emphasized.

With the help of IOTA, the automotive supplier Bosch wants to influence the value chain in the automotive and internet-of-things sector. Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC) invested in the digital, encrypted currency IOTA. According to a statement from the company, RBVC has acquired a “significant number” of IOTA tokens.

Bosch descripes the Internet of Things:

„The physical essence of the Internet of Things (IoT) is billions of connected devices providing data — in many cases in real-time — and sending it back to businesses that can remotely and automatically control this physical infrastructure.
The magic quality of the IoT is the connected world it makes possible: a world that’s getting bigger as the technologies linking devices become smaller, cheaper and faster.
Much more than a technological transformation, the IoT is creating new types of businesses, centred around services and user experience. These will have a massive impact on the structure of our organizations and the way we work together. While these changes will only happen in small steps, they will come quickly and have a huge and lasting effect.“

Bosch XDK

Incidentally, at the end of last year, Bosch introduced its new sensor XDK or Cross Domain Development Kit in conjunction with a sensor at the IOTA Marketplace Conference in Chicago, thus taking another step in the Internet of Things (IoT), the Machine-to-Machine (M2M). Automation and demonstrated the interaction with IOTA and the Tangle.

Volkswagen the automobile company with many brands

At the CEBIT 2018, the German car manufacturer Volkswagen presented a new proof of concept together with IOTA. This is about the use of the tangle for secure software transfer. Volkswagen wants to integrate the technology into its products. That’s one way to make sure all the cars get the data they need to run certain updates and function as part of the growing digital world. This also has consequences for driverless and self-propelled, autonomous vehicles, as the industry strives for as a future model.

With the found approach one intends to document the transmission of software over radiowaves to vehicles with IOTA’s tangle. Jungwirth calls this a “great example of how distributed ledger technology can be used in the future.”

In addition to the predicted 250 million networked cars on the roads in 2020, 75 percent of the cars produced will have internet connectivity.

Johann Jungwirth, the Chief Digital Officer of the Volkswagen Group, joined the IOTA team this year as a member of the Supervisory Board. The plan is to work together for mutual benefit, where the Foundation benefits from Jungwirth’s experience and explores the possibilities of Tangle.

Fujitsu: 140,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries

As an IT service provider, Fujitsu wants to offer its IOTA test project to its customers in the manufacturing and automotive industries. Leopold Sternberg, Program Manager of Fujitsu’s Industry 4.0 Competence Center, said:

“Fujitsu is well-equipped to introduce IOTA as the new protocol standard because we are both experts in IT services and manufacturing IT products.”

Remarkably, Fujitsu already sees IOTA as the new protocol standard. Apparently, Fujitsu no longer has any doubt that IOTA will play a key role in Industry 4.0.

Dr. Rolf Werner, at that time Head of Central Europe at Fujitsu used the example of the Fujitsu Live Show Case at the HMI 2018 to explain how smart factories work and what IOTA offers: Two miniature robots representing two factories will be used to demonstrate how the the tangle that forms the basis of a distributed ledger — can help identify and self-evict product manipulation.


In April, Dr. Rolf Werner joined the board of the IOTA Foundation. He describes the major applications as follows: “The possibilities of decentralized and secured applications based on IOTA Tangle as a Distributed Ledger Technology are immense. They go far beyond machine-to-machine payment and include, for example, tamper-proof monitoring of the supply chain and secure identity management, just to name a few. I’m delighted to join the IOTA Foundation Supervisory Council to provide a journey that will be meaningful for lots of industry sectors worldwide. “

Public IOTA will closely monitor the further developments

These large industrial partnerships, and more will come, can become the backbone for mass applications for IOTA. The first Volkswagen product to use IOTA’s Tangle is expected to be released sometime next year.

I belong to the independent public IOTA project that wants to to move IOTA and the Tangle forward. Public IOTA will closely monitor the further developments and report on them. Please keep in mind that we are a small independent group with no financial space. We appreciate any financial and other assistance with this project.