IOTA and Smart Cities

In this part, we will continue our journey into the future with the Smart Cities. Click here for the research article. In particular, we will discuss the role that IOTA can play in this. public IOTA contacts experts for the respective topics in order to carry out a basic research. We are particularly pleased that we were able to receive guest authors Nina Pfuderer and Lena Papasabbas from the „Zukunftsinstitut„. The „Zukunftsinstitut“ was founded in 1998 and decisively shaped trend and future research in Germany from the beginning. Today, the company is considered one of the most influential think tanks in European trend and futures research. Our guest author Lena Papasabbas deals with the transformation of the network society, its people, values and technologies. As a cultural anthropologist she is interested in all facets of our increasingly heterogeneous culture and deals with central development dynamics.