Youtube WZL-Aachen: Data of 500 workpieces stored in IOTA’s Tangle

There is a status report from the WZL in Aachen. We are currently testing a Feinblanking press with the data of 500 workpieces stored in IOTA’s Tangle. It is currently still working on it.

The WZL now wants to devote itself to the distributed ledger technologies such as tangle and blockchain and in the form of a testing out the digital supply chain. In this context, a digital value chain, which is now being used with IOTA, is presented in such a way that process states, production steps and component properties are digitally mapped in a networked value chain for every component produced by the fineblanking machine. With the ability of DLTs to be unalterable, and the ability to pay for IOTA’s unique data streams / data sets, IOTA’s Tangle provides a promising basis for a digital connected value chain.