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  • Trinity Wallet – Tutorial

    On May 28th the IOTA Foundation has announced the beta release of the Trinity Mobile wallet app. On the IOTA page https://trinity.iota.org/ you will find a number of official documents that make it easier to get started with this wallet. Trinity is designed to make transactions as simple and convenient as possible. It offers a variety of helpful […]

  • What is IOTA and some terminology explained

    This IOTA tutorial 1: „What is IOTA and some terminology explained“ from Mobilefish.com shows basic informations about IOTA. IOTA ist eine neues und bahnbrechendes verteiltes ledger, welches keine Blockchain verwendet. IOTA’s innovatives, quantenfestes Protokoll, auch bekannt als Tangle, ermöglicht einzigartige Features, wie z.B keine Transaktionskosten, schnelle Transaktionen, unendliche Skalierbarkeit, sichere Datentransfers und viele weitere. IOTA konzentriert sich zunächst […]

  • The IOTA Token

    The IOTA token is a cryptotoken built upon the Tangle technology. The token benifits from the advantages of this new Tangle architecture.The token operates on a permission-less Tangle network known as the Mainnet. Individuals are able to intereact with this network by operating a full node that is peered with neighbours. Alternatively they are able to public […]