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  • What is “Q” from a laymen…

    Thank you, James JD Sutton, for letting us reprint your post here.: A bit long, but I think it might help people understand Qubic a bit. Two takeaways I took from reading Qubic: (Rev_02) Take Away One: 1. If you host a “Q-Node”, a node that supports the Q protocol (layer) you can earn rewards […]


    A very good blog post by Limo as an interpretation of Qubic: As promised by the foundation, yesterday was the day the world received access to Qubic details and specifications. Though, they didn’t promise that everyone would be able to understand the scope of Qubic right from the beginning. Considering how many people reacted negatively […]

  • What is Qubic? From

    In short: Qubic began life as as an initalism-turned-acronym, QBC, which stands for quorum-based computation. Quorum (distributed_computing) on wikipedia Specifically, Qubic is a protocol that specifies IOTA’s solution for quorum-based computations, including such constructs as oracle machines, outsourced computations, and smart contracts. Qubic provides general-purpose, cloud- or fog-based, permissionless, multiprocessing capabilities on the Tangle. In […]

  • How IOTA’s Qubic Might Be on the Verge of Revolutionizing Finance

    Lately it has become apparent that cryptocurrency is going to be a game changer for finance. Those who have done their research, will have realized that there is a Tangle-based protocol called IOTA unlike all others — and it is changing the game for cryptocurrency. Meet Qubic Thursday May/03/2018 the IOTA Foundation has given us insights into […]