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As an independent group, we would like to accompany and positively support the possibilities and applications of IOTA with the "public IOTA project". We also want to promote the possibilities of the Tangle. Due to the positive characteristics of the Tangle as well as the large industrial use cases and also the smaller IOTA applications, IOTA can become revolutionary and lead to a significant added value for IOTA owners. We will support this process constructively and independently.

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Meet the team


Frank, Christina, Thomas, Oliver and Markus are currently behind the public IOTA project. But there are other people who have announced their participation.
We are not part of the IOTA Foundation or linked in any other way to the Foundation. The public IOTA project is an independent project which would like to support IOTA. This independence can be a certain advantage in the neutral presentation.

Our strategy and our goals

Future activities of the independent “public IOTA project”

Strategy of “public IOTA” in 2018

public IOTA — to move IOTA forward


public IOTA in the IOTA Ecosystem

the public IOTA project is now also an approved project in the IOTA Ecosystem. Look at