In addition to the direct IOTA investment in the future, for example by banks or other providers, opportunities will be created to participate indirectly in IOTA. These could be, for example, funds or similar instruments. Investing in projects that use IOTA will certainly be possible in some cases. We will show some of these things.


  • MIOTA Price Trend in September

    We have now released our first public IOTA: MIOTA Price Trend in September. This price trend is based on the outlook of analysts who were asked about their mid-term assessment of the MIOTA price. So these data do not reflect our opinion, but are based exclusively on expert opinions. We will publish this trend monthly […]

  • Omoku connector: Verifications have been successful

    This entry was posted in the original on the site of We are happy to post this article also on our site. Thanks to Matin Guidali, CEO & Founder of Trimoda OÜ: We are delighted to announce that the first wave of verification has been a success for omoku! More than 500 users have already been […]

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