Applications are at the heart of IOTA's future. Here you will find information about the IOTA core areas: Mobility & Automotive, Global Trade & Supply Chains, E-Health, Smart Energy. The performance of IOTA will be demonstrated by using an application live on this site.


  • IOTA expands industrial partnerships …

    This article describes the current major industrial partnerships of IOTA. Particularly noteworthy in this context are the partnerships with Bosch, Volkswagen and Fujitsu. It was a true IOTA festival this year where the partnerships and cooperations were demonstrated at various fairs and events. Bosch a global partner First of all, it was the Bosch Connected […]

  • Industrial adoption

    The link below leads to a chronological list contains references to original sources of known industry partners, official cooperations of the IOTA Foundation (IF), industrial showcases or proof-of-concepts as well as known contacts to corporate representatives, institutions and government bodies. The list currently contains 93 unique entities followed by a list of 69 known participants (list) of the IOTA […]

Live Demonstration

Here we will soon have a small funny online tool on this website. This will demonstrate some of the great benefits of IOTA live. In this tool, the electric car "Pubio" will play a major role. Here you can see "Pubio". After the summer break, the tool will be live. Stay tuned!

"Pubio" refueling

We will demonstrate the following

  • transaction speed
  • Data transfer with the Tangle
  • no transaction fees / micro payments
  • scalability