Applications are at the heart of IOTA's future. Here you will find information about the IOTA core areas: Mobility & Automotive, Global Trade & Supply Chains, E-Health, Smart Energy. The performance of IOTA will be demonstrated by using an application live on this site.


  • Industrial adoption

    The link below leads to a chronological list contains references to original sources of known industry partners, official cooperations of the IOTA Foundation (IF), industrial showcases or proof-of-concepts as well as known contacts to corporate representatives, institutions and government bodies. The list currently contains 93 unique entities followed by a list of 69 known participants (list) of the IOTA […]

  • You can bet on the Fifa World Cup platform Cupiota with IOTA

    The World Cup 18 is for many people the event of the year. Now you can also bet on the results with IOTA. The FIFA World Cup 18 competition platform has just been completed. The operators saw this as a natural application for the tangle and took it as a chance to get to […]

Live Demonstration

Here we will soon have a small funny online tool on this website. This will demonstrate some of the great benefits of IOTA live. In this tool, the electric car "Pubio" will play a major role. Here you can see "Pubio". After the summer break, the tool will be live. Stay tuned!

"Pubio" refueling

We will demonstrate the following

  • transaction speed
  • Data transfer with the Tangle
  • no transaction fees / micro payments
  • scalability