Applications are at the heart of IOTA's future. Here you will find information about the IOTA core areas: Mobility & Automotive, Global Trade & Supply Chains, E-Health, Smart Energy. The performance of IOTA will be demonstrated by using an application live on this site.


  • Demonstration and testing of IOTA applications in the new public IOTA Lab

    Discover the possibilities! We are very excited to launch our „public IOTA Lab“. The aim is to share the possibilities and benefits of IOTA applications with a live audience. A first example of an application is now available on the website We are pleased to be able to introduce our section to the public. […]

  • IOTA expands industrial partnerships …

    This article describes the current major industrial partnerships of IOTA. Particularly noteworthy in this context are the partnerships with Bosch, Volkswagen and Fujitsu. It was a true IOTA festival this year where the partnerships and cooperations were demonstrated at various fairs and events. Bosch a global partner First of all, it was the Bosch Connected […]

Live Demonstration

Discover the possibilities: Applications are at the heart of IOTA's future. We will present applications and demonstrations in our Lab area. The aim is to show the possibilities and benefits of IOTA applications live to  interested people. Everyone should have the opportunity to try out the tools in this area and maybe discover new ways to use IOTA by trying them out. Visit our Lab here.

In our first real use case we demonstrate some of the great benefits of IOTA live. In this tool, the electric car "Pubio" plays a major role. Here you can see "Pubio".

"Pubio" refueling

We demonstrate the following

  • transaction speed
  • Data transfer with the Tangle
  • no transaction fees / micro payments
  • scalability